Venture fourth, discover the past, and reclaim the world!

Earthanna is a traditional classic fantasy world for Dungeons and Dragons (Fifth Edition). Originally created for 4th Edition under the name Earthynn (ran for 3 campaigns), it has been streamlined and rebooted for the newest edition of the game.

Time and turmoil has taken its toll on the world.
Great civilizations were laid waste by a horrific plague, and now cities stand empty, skeletons of what they once were.

A great war was waged in the skies between ancient dragons, primordial beings, gods and even mortals wielding great arcane power. This war left scars on the land and forever altered the landscape.

Generations removed from the catastrophe, the survivors venture fourth to reclaim much of the world they lost. Adventurers, explorers, scholars now fight to expand the borders of safety and shine light into the darkness surrounding them.


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